Testimonials from Our Fans

We have humble beginnings in Boulder, CO. Fred hasn’t been selling his products commercially for very long. He first started offering it as gifts to his postal patrons and co-workers, people from many walks of life and with a wide variety of skin concerns. When they experienced its effectiveness first hand, many of them suggested that he should start selling it at local shops.

He was honored by their respect and confidence, which is what convinced him to take the next step. We thank all his fans for their trust, support and belief in him and his products. We hope to earn the trust of many, many more people looking for the relief so many have found. We hope you’re one of them.

Affected arm before treatment with Uncle Freddie's Satin Crack Salve.

Psoriasis affected arm before treatment with Uncle Freddie’s Satin Crack Salve.

The same arm five weeks after beginning Uncle Freddie's Satin Crack Salve.

The same arm five weeks after beginning Uncle Freddie’s Satin Crack Salve.

“Wow!  Thought you needed to see this.  My daughter’s arm before your product and after using one small container of it.  Makes me want to cry.” ~ Kathleen R., St. Joseph, MO

“Just writing to let you know that your good products continue to soothe and heal. We have given several lip balms to friends as stocking stuffers. The salve works just as well as you say for relieving and healing cracked skin, particularly on hands and around fingernails. Thanks for keeping it simple and clean.” ~ Jude M., Eugene, OR

My son Mando tried the Crack Salve on his feet and he loves it and has no more problems thanks to Uncle Freddie’s® products. ~ Pam A., Riverside, CA

“Being a nurse and washing my hands frequently, I use Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve afterwards. It has kept my hands moist. I would recommend it and have shared it with all my co-workers. Everyone worships Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve.” ~ Andy W., Physician Assistant, Boulder, CO

“As a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service and having to handle paper all day, all year, my hands would take a beating and constantly be dry. My fingertips also would get so dry they would start to split open. But having been introduced to Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve my hands have never been so smooth, and it eliminated my fingertips from splitting! Such a great product! Will continue to use this product! ~ Tasha Garcia, Letter Carrier, Boulder, CO

“Where I live in the dry climate of northern Colorado, using hand cream isn’t optional. It’s a necessity. Before I discovered Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve, I tried about a dozen of them and found all of them to be too greasy with too many ingredients, some of which I later learned aren’t safe for us to put on our skin. So I am delighted to be able to use Uncle Freddie’s® and to see the cracks in my fingers and fingernails heal safely. This wonderful hand cream isn’t at all greasy and takes very little to keep my hands feeling good all day long.” ~ David Mendoza, Boulder, CO

“I can truthfully say that Uncle Freddie’s® products are wonderful!  You can’t beat them for purity of ingredients and pure effectiveness.  The care and love crafted into every batch is evident.  Once you try Freddie’s you’ll never go back!” ~ Janice E., Boulder, CO

“The lip salve is smooth and lasts a long, long time. Perfect for the high desert I live in.” ~ Diane Rapaport, author of Home Sweet Jerome, Hines, OR

“After having cracked skin on my thumbs every winter for years, I now use Uncle Freddie’s®  Crack Salve every night and no more problem. Try it … you’ll like it!”   ~ Mira P., Boulder, CO

“I had a painful crack in the tip of my thumb, which was my first opportunity to try Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve for the purpose for which it was created. I applied it at bedtime and by morning the pain was gone. I applied some more and by the end of the day it was well on its way to being healed. I have started using the cream as a hand cream because I like its texture better than the salve, but for me the salve worked better for healing cracked fingers. I also love the texture of the lip balm and like the fact that it’s unflavored.” ~ Kathy A., Lafayette, CO

“I am a Physical Therapist and my hands are washed a lot at work. Then there are the hard-on-hands conditions of my mini-ranch outdoor work – horses and dirt. I use very few hand or face creams, but the favorite is Uncle Freddie’s®. They are the best working ones I’ve ever used and they feel the best on my skin.  My husband has a strong asthma reaction to most products scents.  Not with Uncle Freddie’s®. ~ Rachel K., Boulder, CO

“I just opened my mail and received my Uncle Freddie’s® products.  I applied Uncle Freddie’s® Lip Balm immediately ~ and Wow!  It feels so smooth and nourishing!  Burt has been my go-to lip balm for years, but I believe I’m converting to Uncle Freddie’s®!” ~ Sandy H., Ozark, MO

“I especially like Uncle Freddie’s® lip balm!  It has a very smooth consistency and a lovely little tube.  My current favorite!!” ~ Paula C., Boulder, CO

“Uncle Freddies® Crack Salve is wonderful! My personal favorite is the lavender salve.” ~ Shay J., Boulder, CO

“I love Uncle Freddie’s® Crack Salve!  I originally used it on my hands and the results were amazing…my skin loves it.  The salve soaks in without any greasiness, and the lavender smells divine.  I also use it on my lips, and even my feet.  Really a wonderful product!  Thank You!” ~ Jeanie C., Harvard, MA

“I want to tell you that your Lip Comfort Balm came to me at the start of a nasty head cold. Yet another good reason to have balm in my pocket as my head was congested and I was breathing through my mouth. I found your product to be the best that I have ever used.  Your balm lasts longer, and therefore I do not need to reapply it as often as other balms and my lips felt soft. I not only appreciate the quality of the ingredients (and that the list is not long), I appreciate that there was no added flavoring or scent to add to the discomfort of my illness. The packaging of your lip balm in a spherical container is brilliant. It fits in my pocket without the unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable ‘bump’ of the round containers.  I am happily hooked and will sing the praises of your Lip Comfort Balm to friends and family alike. Uncle Freddie’s® Lip Comfort Balm has been added to my Holiday shopping list. It will be a great gift.”  ~  Clare F., Eugene, OR

“We have been using Uncle Freddie’s® products for over a year now and absolutely love them! The crack salve is the perfect moisturizer that won’t leave your hands greasy. It works wonders on my hands after a day in the garden. I am hooked on the lip balm too. Simple, quality ingredients that you can trust and results that speak for themselves.” ~ Neil T., Lafayette, CO

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